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Company Overview
Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Company is an ISO9001:2000 certified, woven bag production line and woven bag making machine manufacturer, located in China. We manufacture PP woven bag machine, leno bag machine, PP woven bag production line, and other auxiliary machines. Now our total assets are over 20 million dollars, and we have a staff of over 500. Our annual capacity is now in excess of 30 film extrusion machines, over 1000 circular looms, and over 400 other products.

We also have an experienced research and development team, so we are able to continually launch new products, and, in fact, have a number of patents. Our quality products have also earned us a membership in the China Packaging Association, and Plastic Machine Industrial Association.

Advanced Management
We place great importance on maintaining our level of product quality, and utilizing the most effective method of management. At Tianfeng, we use a 6S management method and ERP management system, which allows us to realize the integration and sharing of data inside our company, and to achieve business programming, office automation, and management standardization. This enables us to be effective and efficient. In order to ensure quality, we carry out strict inspections of everything from the purchasing of raw materials to the international shipping of finished products. To further guarantee the quality of our PP woven bag production lines, valve bag machines, and other products, we import advanced and efficient production equipment.

We are continuing to develop rapidly. We have established subsidiary woven bag plants in China Zhejiang Province, Shandong Province, and Anhui province. Furthermore, we have joint ventures and agents in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other regions, which have helped us to expand more quickly in international markets.

Main Products and Features
Our products include PP woven bag production line, PP woven bag machine, valve bag machine, leno bag machine, tarpaulin production machine, and a number of auxiliary machines, such as circular loom, film extrusion machine, sewing machine, baler, laminating machine, etc. Our products have been CE certified, and they are widely used in manufacturing PP woven bags, PE woven bags, leno bags, jumbo bags, tarpaulins, striped, colored fabrics, etc.

Our plastic bag making machines can be grouped into high-grade and economical types. Our high-grade type plastic bag machinery uses advanced technologies, such as microcomputer control, variable frequency speed control, and silicon-controlled DC speed regulating. Key electronic components are imported from German and Japanese well-known companies. As a result, the whole machine features advanced design, flexible control, stable operation, and low energy consumption. As a result, our plastic machinery is very popular with customers in more than twenty countries and regions, such as: America, Russia, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Iran, Argentina, to name a few.

If you are looking for plastic bag making machines, we welcome you to contact us at Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Company! We look forward to working with you.

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